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Pneumohydraulic Drive & Servo Press Applications

We are technology specialists and offer solutions for various applications

Clinching & Sheet Metal Joining

Clinching Technology
Sheet metal clinching is a cold-forming technique that joins two or more metal pieces without the use of fasteners, bolts, rivets or spot welding.
Point types
Based on the TOX®-Round Point, there are different point types available
Clinching in comparison
Clinching versus other technologies

Joining with Elements & Riveting

Joining with elements
We use our know-how from the ClinchRivet® for other riveting-technologies
A simple, cylindrical rivet is pressed-in and formed during the clinching process. Without cutting the material the result is utmost strength.
Solid punch rivet
Solid punch rivets are mainly used for joining multi-layered sheet metals and metals that are hard to shape.
Self-piercing rivet
In this joining-process due to the shape of the rivet and the die, the rivet is braced in the metal without cutting it.
Metal joining by inserting a joining-element into a drilled or punched hole which then is distorted.
TOX®-Systems for joining elements
You define the element - we deliver the equipment for handling, setting and joining.

Inserting, Fastener Insertion & Insertion of Function Elements

Process Competence
We are no manufacturer of the joining parts or elements, but we deliver the complete equipment in accordance with your supplier.
Quality Testing
Pierce nuts, pierce rivets, pierce studs, rivet nuts, rivet studs, self-piercing elements, full or semi-tubular rivets, special elements - everything goes!
System Technology
No matter which inserting technology is neccessary, they all need a feed-in and placing-system to find their way from the bag into the right place.

Assembling, Press-Fitting & Mounting

TOX®-Assembling and press-fitting is your solid advantage for absolute precision and accuracy in any force-fitting assemblies.

Punching, Piercing & Shearing

Punching Technology and Systems
The shearing process and the quality of the cut surfaces depend on tool geometry, die clearance, tool sharpness as well as the type of material and its characteristics.

Coining, Marking & Stamping

You have to identify your products? You need to hold a part safely for additional work? Our extensive experience can help you!

Pressing, Compressing, Bending & Straightening

Giving shape to something by pressing, bending, forming and molding and for all kind of industries.


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