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Fastener Insertion Machines & Tooling

Small functional elements with a strong hold

Fastener elements such as nuts, studs, rivets or screws can be pressed into almost any material. At TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK, we specialize in functional element insertion, offering enormous expertise to our customers.


Although there are many element types, our insertion process comes down to 4 basic elements:

  • Self-clinching elements, which deform the component
  • Self-piercing elements, which punch their own hole
  • Press-in elements, which are inserted into an existing hole
  • Riveting elements which clamp themselves into the pre-punched metal when being inserted
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Below is a list of common fasteners that our machines press in:

  • Pierce nuts
  • Pierce studs
  • Clinch nuts
  • Clinch studs
  • Weld nuts
  • Weld studs


For all of these elements, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK provides the complete process expertise and the best technological solutions.


In the past functional elements such as pierce & weld nuts, pierce & weld studs were often welded to a larger piece part. Inserting them by pressing offers various advantages:

  • Fast and reproducible processes
  • Energy-saving procedure
  • Automatic feeding of the elements


All inserting technologies have one thing in common: they all need feeding and placing systems so the elements find their way from their package into the right place.


Get a quote today on a TOX®-System to get started with functional element insertion.

Complete system solutions from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK

  • Machine design as manual workstation
  • Nuts, Studs & Bolts for Insertion
  • Machine design as robot tongs
  • Customer part with inserted pierce nuts

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