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Sheet Metal Joining Equipment Training

Instructions on your machines

Well-trained staff members are able to work efficiently with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK equipment. To help your improve your company's efficiency, we offer training on all TOX® products. Once your machinery is installed, our staff will travel to your facility to show your employees how to work with our equipment.


We also offer the option for you to travel to our headquarters in Weingarten in Germany to receive instruction.


Hiring new employees or modifying your equipment? You can set up a training with us at any time. Contact us for more information or to arrange your training:


Send us your training inquiry today!

Workshops on new technologies

We offer trainings regularly on different subjects. Most common are our workshops on:

  • The TOX®-Powerpackage: function, technology and possible applications.
  • The TOX®-Joining Technology "Clinching": how does it work, equipment, tools needed and common use. 

Come, learn and get to know TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. While here, you will receive a tour through our manufacturing plant. Benefit from experiencing theory and practical application at the same time.


For a detailed agenda, prices and registration contact us:

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