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Servo Press Drives for Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

When it comes to the medical field, there is nothing more important than safety and functionality. All engineered parts must be highly precise and guaranteed to be safe. Since 1978, we have been providing customers in the medical industry with the perfect components and equipment to meet and exceed their needs. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK, a worldwide leader in servo drives and assembly equipment, can provide the precision and quality you need at a cost-effective and energy-saving price. When working with us, medical companies can leave behind the stress and move forward with our top-notch, quality products and services.


TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK offers two different types of drives to meet your needs. Choose from either pneumohydraulic Powerpackage drives or electromechanical servo drives. While the Powerpackage drives are used in thousands of different applications, the servo drive may better suit your purposes. The electric servo drive systems can be standalone or fully integrated, giving many from which options to choose.

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What are some well-suited assembly applications for TOX Pressotechnik’s press drives and equipment in the Medical space?

  • Assembly Components for Medical Device Molding
  • Pharmaceutical packaging machines
  • Medical Stamping
  • Control Panel Joining - (for sleep labs, etc.)

Don’t see your application listed? Contact us for more information.


For more than 40 years, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has been providing customers with precision-engineered, high-performance products. From large control panels to thin connector tubes, we can help any company produce the safe and effective end product they are creating. We have proven to deliver products and equipment that meet or exceed expectations every time. So switch to the option that saves energy, money, and stress today!

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