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TOX®-Powerpackage Special Models

Powerpackage individual - especially made for your application

For our TOX®-Powerpackages we offer special solutions. Those are more than accessories and have to be ordered as a complete type of drive. Also, the decision of the assembly version has to be made with the design approval.

Special versions

Special versions of the TOX®-Powerpackage with additional integrated functions make a good product even better.

TOX®-Powerpackage with integrated damping ZED
Accessory for: X-S, X-K, X-AT

The damping inside TOX®-Powerpackage: Reliable process monitoring for pressing and smooth punching operations thanks to the integrated, adjustable damping function ZED.

The new integrated damping option allows an adjustable constant speed of the cylinder working rod during the approach stroke and powerstroke, independent of the working forces. Now it is possible to almost fully compensate a stick-slip-effect at a press-in process, and when stamping compensate the sudden acceleration of the working rod when the opposing force is removed.

Press-in applications:

Depending on the application, chattering effects may occur during the press-in operation, the so-called stick-slip effect. This effect induces strongly fluctuating progressions of force/travel making a reliable process control difficult. And this chattering also generates undesirable press-in results and increased noises. With the new damping function ZED, this effect is almost completely compensated. The press-in operation happens controlled at a constant speed. The force-travel curves can be precisely monitored and evaluated.


Punching applications:

The breakthrough effect at the end of a punching operation causes an abrupt drop of the counterforce. This results in an instantaneous high acceleration of the cylinder working rod. The punching shock causes high noise levels and premature wear of the tools and the machine. With the new damping function, ZED applied, the speed of the working rod remains nearly constant. Thereby shocks are prevented at the end position and noise levels are noticeably reduced.



  • Damping can electrically be initiated at any point of the stroke
  • Damping is continuously adjustable
  • Almost constant speed of working piston
  • Gentle, monitored press-in of pieceparts is possible


  • Speed control via proportional hydraulic valve
  • Integrated travel measuring system, type ZKW or external version ZHW
  • The TOX®-Powerpackage with damping ZED can be ordered either with a manually adjustable flow control valve or with a solenoid operated proportional flow control valve.
TOX®-Powerpackage with cutting impact damping ZSD
Accessory for: EK, AT version .51 or .81

Ideal for damping in punching applications and for the smooth operation of machines during approach or powerstrokes.

The total stroke is infinitely adjustable. It protects tooling and machine and reduces noise levels.



  • Hydraulic damping of end of stroke
  • Cushioning infinitely adjustable
  • Total stroke infinitely adjustable
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Protects tooling and machine
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Maintenance-free

The maximum dampening stroke is approx. 7 mm.

TOX®-Powerpackage with locking brake ZSL
Safety Lock locking brake ZSL
Safety Lock locking brake ZSL
Accessory for: S, K , X-S, X-K, X-AT

A loss of air pressure will cause the unit to clamp on the cylinder rod. The energy of the drifting or falling load is used to generate the clamping force.

The rod catcher will prevent the cylinder rod from extending unless the static holding force is not exceeded.

The locking brake is kept open by air pressure.

The clamping force increases as the load increases. Internal springs force wedges to clamp the cylinder rod once the air pressure drops. The clamping force is released by applying air pressure and retracting the load.

The locking brake is single-acting.

Special models

Here you find a selection of special versions of the TOX®-Powerpackage perfectly designed for your exceptional application.

Please contact us for any special solutions not found here. There is a large probability that the current, extensive collection of already designed and built TOX®-Powerpackage special executions contain a unit that meets your application. We will gladly check with you all possible alternatives.

TOX®-Powerpackage Type T
Press force: up to 120 kN
Power stroke: 6 / 12 mm
Total stroke: 6 / 12 mm

The Turbo Cylinder

The "fast" TOX®-Powerpackage with up to 550 strokes per minute. This cylinder is ideal for punching and nibbling machines providing optimum performance. External dampening is recommended.

TOX®-Powerpackage Type RP
Press force: up to 159 kN
Power stroke: 3 mm
Total stroke: 32 mm

The marking cylinder

The perfect drive to mark objects. Equipped with anti-rotation piston and spring-loaded chuck for marking tools, e.g. TOX®-Marking Tool PP.

TOX®-Powerpackage ZLM for the food industry

All TOX®-Powerpackages are available with food grade oil and grease lubrication on request. Both lubricants are certified according to USDA-H11 and are used wherever there is a chance of occasional, technically unavoidable contact with food.

TOX®-Powerpackage ZRO

All TOX®-Powerpackages can be supplied with rust protection on request. All individual parts are either plasma nitrided, galvanized or primed and painted, wherever stainless steel is not generally used. These devices are particularly suitable for use in the food and packaging industries.

Integrated functions

This section lists additional, integrated features which can be selected when ordering a TOX®-Powerpackage. For several drive types, these options are already included as standard.

Power bypass ZHD
Already equipped: Q-S, Q-K, X-S, X-K, X-AT, S4-S170, K75-K170
Accessory for: K2-K50

The ZHD is a power bypass with hydraulic end position cushion in return stroke. It provides optimum cushioning of the working piston at the end of the return stroke. This feature is especially useful in applications with heavy tooling weight and high cycle speeds.

In the event of control errors, or the case of special applications, the strong acceleration of the working piston after punching through the material may cause a vacuum in the high-pressure oil chamber of the TOX®-Powerpackage which could lead to malfunctions.

Additionally it is also possible to use the bypass system for the realization of long powerstrokes.

Power bypass ZLB

The vacuum, an effect of the strong acceleration of the working piston, can be prevented with the patented TOX®-Powerpackage with integrated power bypass system ZLB.

Already equipped in TOX®-Powerpackages with ZHD

Accessory for: S1-S2, K1

Analog linear position sensor ZKW
Accessory for: K/AT 2-170, HZL 07-74

The linear position sensor indicates the absolute actual position of the TOX®-Powerpackage working piston. The measuring system works contactless and therefore it is free of wear, insensitive to dirt and interferences.

Technical data

Repeat accuracy: ± 10 μm
Supply voltage: 20 ... 28 V DC
Remaining ripple: ≤ 0,5 Vss
Current consuption: ≤ 150 mA
Electric strength GND against housing 500 V
Output voltage: 0 ... 10 V DC
Output voltage: 10 ... 0 V DC
Load current: ≤ 5 mA
Protection class: IP67

The optional USB communication box for ZKW provides two outputs via USB interface.

  • Online display of the current sensor position
  • Graphical support for adjusting functions and characteristics
  • Simple parameterizing
  • Freely configurable characteristics
  • Two individually usable and adjustable outputs
Forward and return stroke monitor ZHU
Already equipped: Q-S, Q-K, X-S, X-K, X-AT
Accessory for: S/K/AT 1-30, HZ 05-48

The ZHU is a sensor that detects the stroke of the permanent magnet attached to the working piston. A special cylinder barrel is necessary as well as holding fixtures.

Technical data

Operating voltage: UB 10 – 30 V DC
Residual ripple: ≤ 15 %
Max. admissible current: 1a 200 mA
Turn-on time: ≤ 0,5 ms
Turn-off time: 20 – 50 ms
Hysteresis: 0.5 ... 1 mm

Attention: When refitting the optional accessory ZHU, the total stroke of the TOX®-Powerpackage is reduced by 10 mm (S/K/AT 1-30) or 20 mm (HZ 5-48).

Accessories for ZHU

  • Proximity switch, magnet-sensitive, with LED, ZHS 001.000
  • Holding angle ZMP for proximity switch ZHS (S/K 1)
  • Holding angle ZMP for proximity switch ZHS (S/K 2–15)
  • Holder for ZHS (S/K 30), ZMP 001.003
  • Cable box M8 x 1 with 5 m cable, straight, without LED

Special accessories:

  • ZU: Oil level monitor
  • ZMS: Mini ram guide with coupling
  • ZPS: Press force sensor
  • ZHW: External linear position sensor
  • ZP: Oil pump

... and many more are described together with the Accessories for the TOX®-Powerpackage.


Assembly versions

Mounting flange and connections on the TOX®-Powerpackage can be delivered in different orientations. The following section shows these available assembly versions for TOX®-Powerpackages.

Assembly version Standard for type S/X-S
  • Assembly version Standard for type S/X-S
    Assembly version Standard for type S/X-S
  • Assembly version 2 for type S/X-S
    Assembly version 2 for type S/X-S
  • Assembly version 3 for type S/X-S
    Assembly version 3 for type S/X-S
  • Assembly version 4 for type S/X-S
    Assembly version 4 for type S/X-S
  • Assembly version Standard for type K/X-K
    Assembly version Standard for type K/X-K
  • Assembly version 1 for type K/X-K
    Assembly version 1 for type K/X-K
  • Assembly version 2 for type K/X-K
    Assembly version 2 for type K/X-K
  • Assembly version 3 for type K/X-K
    Assembly version 3 for type K/X-K
  • Assembly version 4 for type K/X-K
    Assembly version 4 for type K/X-K
  • Assembly version 5 for type K/X-K
    Assembly version 5 for type K/X-K
  • Assembly version 6 for type K/X-K
    Assembly version 6 for type K/X-K

Additionally several Z-design variants or customer-specific assembly versions are possible. Please contact us!

With a variety of clever accessories the powerpackage can be improved and taylored right for the application.


Brochure TOX®-PowerpackageData sheet 10.10: TOX®-Powerpackage accessories
Data sheet 10.10: Electrical and mechanical accessories for the TOX®-Powerpackage
Data sheet 10.16: Control units
Data sheet 10.16: Control Units for the TOX®-Powerpackage
Data sheet 10.17: HZO
Data sheet 10.17: TOX®-Hydraulic Cylinder HZO
Data sheet 10.21: TOX®-Powerpackage T and RP
Data sheet 10.21: TOX®-Powerpackage type T and type RP

All brochures & data sheets

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