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Accessories for the TOX®-Powerpackage

Pneumohydraulic Drive Accessories

With a variety of clever accessories, the TOX®-Powerpackage can be improved and tailored right for the application. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK always has an eye on what the operators need and tries to develop the most functional add-ons, to improve the applicability of the pneumohydraulic drives.

The accessories shown on this page can be added to most Powerpackages. For additional features, special types may be the answer.

Mechanical accessories

Accessories for special functions and easier mounting of the TOX®-Powerpackage in the press.

Tool coupling ZWK
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The coupling ZWK is threaded directly on the working rod of the TOX®-Powerpackage. This coupling provides a flexible connection between the TOX®-Powerpackage and the die set, thereby preventing any side loads. This accessory includes an anti-rotation device.

Tool holding fixture with anti-rotation lock V
Accessory for: Q-S, X-S, Q-K, X-K, S1-S100, K1-K50, T, RP

The tool holding fixture can be mounted to the working rod of the TOX®-Powerpackage.

The guide bushing in the press frame provides the anti-rotation.

Mini ram guide ZMS
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages
Load capacity: 11.5 - 313.4 kN

The ram guide includes the coupling ZWK with is mounted to the working rod of the TOX®-Powerpackage.

Two bushings in the press frame guarantee the guidance.

Oil Level Monitor ZU
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The oil level monitor measures the oil level inside the TOX®-Powerpackage. If the minimum level is reached, the indicator pin actuates a switch (pneumatic or electric). Mounted via steel strip. With manual reset.

Front (ZFV) and Rear (ZFH) mounting plate
Accessory for: Q-S, X-S, X-AT, S, AT

The front mounting plate ZFV is retrofittable, for TOX®-Powerpackages type S / AT.

The rear mounting plate ZFH is non-retrofittable. It is used for TOX®-Powerpackages with larger intensifier section A2 > A.

Rear spherical bearing mount ZGH
Accessory for: X-AT, X-K, S, K

The rear spherical bearing mount ZGH is non-retrofittable. It is used for TOX®-Powerpackages with larger intensifier sections A2 > A.

Front spherical rod end ZGK
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The front spherical rod end ZGK is retrofittable.

Attention: The rod end must be screwed securely against the shoulder on the working piston. Length compensation over the thread is not permissible.

Electrical accessories

Electric sensors and components for measuring, displaying, and processing the data of the TOX®-Powerpackage.

Electronic pressure switch ZDO
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The ZDO measures the oil pressure in the high-pressure chamber of the TOX®-Powerpackage and displays the value on a 4-digit LED display. Available as a version with two digital outputs or with one digital / one analog output.

ZDO 01

The electronic pressure switch ZDO 01 provides 2 freely programmable digital outputs.


Switching function output 1 and output 2:

  • Hysteris function / N.O.
  • Hysteris function / N.C.
  • Window function / N.O.
  • Window function / N.C.

The switching function can be selected for each output separately. Output 2 can also be configured as diagnostic display output.

ZDO 01.400A

The electronic pressure switch ZDO 01.400A provides one digital and one analogue output.


Switching function output 1:

  • Hysteris function / N.O.
  • Hysteris function / N.C.
  • Window function / N.O.
  • Window function / N.C.

Switching function output 2:

Analogue output 4-20 mA or 0-10 V.

General features

  • Selectable switching logic (PNP, NPN)
  • Memory unit for maximum values
  • Error display for pressure overload an short circuit in switch output
  • Selectable pressure unit (bar, psi, Pa)
  • LED display can be flipped 180°
  • LED display can be deactivated

Accessories for electronic pressure switches

  • Mounting plate ZMP for mounting at the TOX®-Powerpackage
  • High pressure measuring hose ZHM
Press Force Sensor ZPS
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages
Load capacity: 13 - 2000 kN

The press force sensor ZPS can be mounted directly on the working piston of the TOX®-Powerpackage.

It is possible to measure the press forces in a push and pull direction. The sensor is sealed against dirt and moisture and should be installed with the anti-rotation device ZPSV, to avoid damage to the connection cable.

Technical data

Rated output: 1.1 mV/V
Temperature range: -10° to +65°
Zero balance: ± 2 %
Supply voltage: 10 V DC (max. 15 V)
Insulation resistance: 1 GΩ
Nominal impedance: 760 Ω
Electric connection: System Fischer
Combined error: < ± 0.5 %
Overload: 115 %
Protection class: IP54
External linear position sensor ZHW
Accessory for: Q-S, Q-K, X-S, X-K, X-AT, RZS, up to S30

The external linear position sensor provides the absolute position of the working piston in the TOX®-Powerpackage, even after power failure. Due to the external mounting on the tie rods of the TOX®-Powerpackage, the mounting position can be adapted to the conditions inside the press.


All TOX®-Powerpackages line-Q, line-X, and RZS are equipped with a special barrel and a magnetic ring on the working piston to detect the position of the piston.


The linear position sensor provides non-contact sensing technology resulting in the following features:

  • Wear-free
  • Resistant to contamination

Technical data

Repeat accuracy: ± 10 μm
Supply voltage: 10 ... 30 V DC
Linear deviation: ≤ ± 0.15
Output load: ≤ 5 mA
Output voltage: 0 ... 10 V DC
Load current: ≤ 5 mA
Protection class: IP67

When using the external linear position sensor ZHW, the effective total stroke of the TOX®-Powerpackage is to be reduced by 20 mm. The powerstroke remains the same. To achieve the described repeat accuracy and linear deviation, it is necessary to prevent the working piston of the TOX®-Powerpackage from rotating.

Most TOX®-Powerpackages can also be delivered with the internal linear position sensor ZKW.

Analog pressure indicator ZDA
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The ZDA displays the oil pressure in the high-pressure chamber of the TOX®-Powerpackage by a 5-digit LED display. The value to be displayed is measured by the pressure sensor ZDS which is included in the scope of delivery. The ZDA is available with two digital outputs or with one digital/one analog output.

Accessories for Analog Pressure Indicator ZDA

  • Transducer ZDS
  • Mounting plate ZMP
  • High-pressure measuring hose ZHM
  • Electric connection cable between transducer and pressure indicator (5000 mm)


Regular maintenance of the TOX®-Powerpackage helps to increase service life and reliability.

Oil Pump ZP 20
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The oil pump guarantees the optimum maintenance concept and extended maintenance intervals. For easy, air-free refilling and reduction of the oil volume of the TOX®-Powerpackage. Clear body and refill hose allow easy monitoring of the oil level in the pump. Little operator effort is required.

Tool set ZWS
Accessory for: all TOX®-Powerpackages

The combination of special tools facilitates the removal and installation of seals in case of service or maintenance. The carrying case also contains instructions and tips on the use of the tools.

Further accessories:

  • Power bypass ZLB+ZHD
  • Internal linear position sensor ZKW
  • Forward and return stroke monitor ZHU

... and many more are described together with the special solutions of TOX®-Powerpackage.

TOX®-Powerpackage Control Units

Dynamic pressure control - the default control for all TOX®-Powerpackages

Function: During dynamic pressure control, the automatic switch from fast approach stroke to power stroke occurs every time the working piston meets resistance at any point of the stroke. The power stroke valve is connected to the return stroke chamber via the red control throttle X line and functions according to the dynamic pressure procedure. The changeover time is controlled with the control throttle X.

There are various ways to adapt and optimize the “normal” stroke of a TOX®-Powerpackage to individual requirements.

Pressure regulator in the power stroke line ZDK
Compatibility: with ZKHZ, ZKHF, ZHO

The ZDK enables the independent adjustment of the pressing force.

It is applied to reduce the pressing force in the powerstroke while allowing the same level of fast approach and return stroke force.

External power stroke release ZKHF
Compatibility: with ZDK and/or ZHO

With the ZKHF it is possible to release activation of the powerstroke valve utilizing dynamic pressure control with an electrical signal.

Application: If the powerstroke could be actuated accidentally by the control throttle X due to interference contours in the working area and shall thus be released additionally.

Stroke frequency optimization ZHO
Compatibility: with dynamic pressure control, ZDK, ZKHZ or ZKHF

The ZHO is an optional additional assembly for improving the cycle time. The improvement during the power stroke and power stroke aeration time is approx. 20 %.

Application: In particular if the cycle time must be reduced for long power strokes.

External power stroke activation ZKHZ
Compatibility: with ZDK and/or ZHO

The ZKHZ enables activation of the power stroke valve with an electrically actuated 3/2-way valve.

Application: Recommended for travel dependent powerstroke connection or when using the TOX®-Powerpackage with an upward acting working rod and high tool weight. Also, for application-related, interrupted fast approach stroke.

Deactivation of the power stroke ZKHD
Compatibility: with ZDK and/or ZHO

With the ZKHD, the power stroke can be deactivated through an electrical signal (e.g. during setup mode). It is applied, if a temporary deactivation of the power stroke is required, e.g. in setup mode.

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