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Automotive Body Self Pierce Riveting Solutions

Most people judge an automobile body by appearance, whether its lines and shapes are memorable and attractive or forgetful and dull. In reality, this assembly must balance looks and functionality. The capability to continually fabricate precision body components is essential for carmakers and their supply chain partners.

Improve your automobile body manufacturing process with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Our servo presses and monitored Powerpackages optimize process control and feedback, boosting productivity, quality, and profitability. Read on to learn more about our automotive body pressing solutions.

Benefits of a TOX® servo press for automotive body applications

Operating mechanical and hydraulic presses with precision is tough. Inputs and outputs must be monitored during production to ensure optimal finished product quality. This is time-consuming and pulls essential personnel away from other core business processes. 

Servo presses make automotive body production quick and efficient. Capable of working with various tools and part types, they enhance manufacturing process versatility, reliability, and throughput. Further advantages of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo presses include: 

  • Precision forming
  • Energy efficiency
  • Variable stroke profiles 
  • Precise ram motion and position control throughout the stroke length 
  • Variable, precise ram velocity control, even within a single cycle of the press stroke
  • Full working energy at any speed 
  • Less noise
  • High accuracy and repeatability 
  • Full press capacity anywhere in the stroke 
  • Long life

A servo process runs entirely on electricity, which means no oil is required. This eliminates leaks, expensive disposal fees and ensures cleanliness requirements are maintained.

Superior manufacturing processes, better automobile body performance

For decades, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has developed innovative metal forming and assembly solutions for the automotive industry. Our servo and Powerpackage presses permit the application of force throughout the entire stroke length, leading to superior precision and quality. 

The thousands of components that make up an automobile are all necessary, but the body is fundamental for optimal vehicle performance and occupant comfort. It is comprised of metal sections stamped into specific shapes designed to do many jobs. They must protect against the elements and collisions, provide secure mounting options for other components, and move through the air with minimal resistance. 

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo and Powerpackage presses can simplify the following automotive body fabrication processes, such as automotive body clinching and self-pierce riveting solutions, not to mention many more.

Clinching technology for automotive applications

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TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK equipment also supports hybrid joining processes, or the combination of two or more joining techniques. They are used to produce joints with properties otherwise unobtainable with a single method.

We offer servo press and joining solutions for an array of hybrid joining methods. The most common is joining sheet metals using adhesives with a fastener, rivet or clinched joint. 

Quality through innovation

The production of conforming body parts is crucial because they can impact other aspects of the automobile. An improperly secured part can add noise, vibration, or harshness to the driver’s experience. Manufacture of the following fastening devices is easy with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK equipment: 

Our systems utilize air-to-oil and roller screw technologies, which improve efficiency and reliability. They’re fully monitored for SPC data logging capabilities. This makes them ideal for clinching and self-pierce riveting (SPR) applications. 

Automotive self-pierce riveting (SPR) is a leading joining method for aluminum and mixed-material lightweight structures. With our equipment, manufacturers can connect two or more sheets of materials by driving a rivet piercing through the top and middle sheets, locking into the bottom sheet under the guidance of a suitable die.

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Steering automotive manufacturing forward

Demands on the automotive sector have never been greater. Customers want improved performance and longevity without delay and at an affordable price point. 

With TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK presses, press drives, and special machinery, manufacturers can make high-quality parts and assemblies with pinpoint accuracy. This curbs warranty claims while boosting production throughput, profitability, and client satisfaction.


Give us a call for more information about our automotive body servo process and sheet metal joining solutions.

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