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TOX® in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology

Recently, green hydrogen production and hydrogen fuel cell technology has been brought to the forefront as a beacon of hope in the energy revolution for a clean and climate-neutral energy production, as well as for meeting the increasingly strict CO2 targets. The political course for this has already been set, and the international community is joining together in the form of research, project and trade cooperations.

The traditional methods of hydrogen production, PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis and alkaline electrolysis, being supplemented with new technologies such as AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane) electrolysis and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). The demands with regard to current density, operating temperature, pressure inside the cell and stack size are also continuously growing.

What is needed now is the cost-effective creation of products for producing (electrolyzers) and using (fuel cell stacks) green hydrogen with a significant increase in capacity – from low volume with a large number of manual process steps through automated series production.

This is where TOX® will support you with technology know-how, joining modules and complete presses.

How TOX® makes your production of electrolytic cells, electrolyzers and the fuel cell stacks more efficient

We know the challenges of the industry with regard to electrolytic cells, electrolyzers and the fuel cell stacks.


  • Checking the parts from upstream production, feeding components (pre-assembly)
  • Pressing and holding the stacks with forces of up to 1000 kN over a defined period
  • Maximum operator safety during manual assembly of the stacks
  • Permanent monitoring and documenting of the process - forward stroke, pressing process, return stroke
  • Strokes over 1000 mm as well

These varied process requirements result in diverse applications for our products, for example the electromechanical servo press system TOX®-ElectricDrive Core.

With the complete system, consisting of our powerful drive, controller and intelligent software, we provide the solution for your cleanroom environment to scale the production of electrolyzers and fuel cell stacks.

Force and control

Variable forces from 0.02 kN up to 1000 kN are required for electrolyzers and fuel cells. These can be sustained until an individually configurable time (e.g. 24 h) has expired, or an external signal (e.g. customer PLC) completes the process.

The repeat accuracy is 0.01 mm in a thermally steady state. With the optional integration of external travel sensors, an accuracy of 0.005 mm is possible.
To enable operators to assemble the cells, a screwing process can take place inside the press by controlling the drive. Even in case of an Emergency Stop or power failure, the operator will be protected through the intervention of the combined safety and motor holding brakes on the TOX®-ElectricDrive Core

Process monitoring and quality data

The TOX®-Software included in the scope of delivery is intuitive and has Industry 4.0-capable and freely configurable process monitoring:


  • Detection of a faulty number of electrolytic cells or fuel cells in a stack or block
  • Continuous monitoring of the pressing process
  • Assignment of the relevant process parameters, such as end values of the pressing process to the individual stacks, ensuring traceability per stack code
  • Detection of material fluctuations
  • Comparison of force-displacement, force-time or displacement-time progression, for the detection of component variations/predictive maintenance
  • Archiving and forwarding of all quality data

Contact us and describe your requirement.

We will be happy to support you on your way to the cost-efficient creation of products for producing (electrolyzers) and using (fuel cell stacks) green hydrogen.

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